In the midst of the Russian invasion, they returned to India with their Ukrainian bride to save their lives

Ukraine means gunpowder-scented air and missiles. Birds are not allowed to fly! There is a story written by an Indian young man and a young Ukrainian woman, which will defeat the story of the amazing movie! During the fierce war between Russia and Ukraine, they were tied up. But this is not the end of the story. There are more surprises. How is that?

The protagonist of the story is a symbol of Indian youth. He is a resident of Hyderabad. The heroine is Lubov, daughter of Ukraine. The day Russia invaded Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine War). The soil of that country trembled at the launch of the missile. Pratik and Lubov got married on February 23, the day before. The people of the house in Hyderabad already knew about Pratik’s marriage. A similar reception was organized a few days later. But returning to India from war-torn Ukraine was a challenge. Although they were able to do that. They returned to the country in time and joined the reception.

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. Pratik’s father Malikarjun Rao and mother Padmaja were present at the wedding. Although no one could come to Lubov’s house. That is normal. There is still ongoing Russian aggression. As a result, even though he is at a safe distance, he is upset. How is his mind for the country, for his relatives!

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blamesCountless Indians are still stranded in the whole of Ukraine, including the capital Kiev. Most of them are Indian students. The center is trying to repatriate them via Romania and Hungary, neighboring Ukraine. India has already decided to send four Union Ministers to the Ukrainian border. So that the children of India can return home safely.

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